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Accounts Receivable

Billing your clients in a timely manner isn’t just a good practice, it’s a crucial one. Whether your billing schedule is daily, weekly, monthly or otherwise, we’ll mange this to make sure that your billing processes are simple, precise and consistent. Bookkeeping Services of Cape Cod will make sure that your invoice and billing is done in a timely and accurate manner.

Accounts Payable

Tracking what is owed (and when it is due) will help your business to obtain good credit and be able to hold on to your money as long as able. We manage your accounts payable to maximize your credit and cash flow. Bookkeeping Services of Cape Cod excels at providing these services by making sure a timely and precise process is in place to implement and monitor your payments and expenses. In this way, your finances will stay up to date and allow your business operations to run as smoothly as possible.


Bookkeeping Services of Cape Cod provides a third-party collections process, which is handled diplomatically and encourages amicable settlements.  We have extensive experience helping businesses collect from those who are behind in their debts. If you are in the need for special attention for debt collection for any of your judgments, loans or other needs, we’re the ones who can help.


We can help with reconciling the different balance sheets and accounts so that they will be in agreement. This is a vital service for your business which will allow for future growth, better credit, cash flow, and overall improved business health.

Profit & Loss Statements

Profit & loss statements are a vital offering that we provide to our clients. Consolidating this data for you calls out what you need to know in order to make well-informed business decisions. Our clients find this to be extremely beneficial as we implement these to help them obtain loans, investments and plan for the future of their organizations.

Balance Sheets

We provide balance sheets for our clients, which is one of the most important documents that a business owner must have.  Our balance sheet services help businesses to show their assets and liabilities so that they know what they own and what they owe to others.

Monthly & Quarterly Taxes

Bookkeeping Services of Cape Cod is able to take all of these services and help our clients prepare for and file their monthly and quarterly tax needs, fully 100% compliant with the IRS.

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